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Purdue Style Bloggers

Within my last few weeks at Purdue, I connected with two other bloggers on campus - Emma of Emma's Style Guide and Demi of The Efflorescence.

Going to such a large school made it super easy to find people who share similar interests; which is amazing because I'm obsessed with networking and understanding how others think. I learn and grow A LOT from people around me; especially those who love the same things I do.

We met up with Photographer Bradley Milstone and shot our favorite sets / rompers for this season. Sharing style ideas is so fun, but the coolest part for me was seeing how creative these blogging babes are in person.

Naturally, I interviewed both Emma ( in the rosey red romper ) and Demi ( in the gorgeous white maxi set ) to discuss blogging, life and their favorite trends at the moment. Enjoy : )


What inspired your blog?

E: Back in high school, I was really into reading style blogs, it was a whole new way to look at fashion and I was constantly reading them! One day I just thought “hey, I could do this myself”.

D: I wasn't happy where I was and was in dire need of a creative outlet as an escape almost. Engineering is hard... SCHOOL IS it's important to find something that gives you a break (even if it's just for one hour every week).


What strengths have helped you build your blog?

E: I think having an interest in fashion since I was super young, and knowing my style and myself really well helped me create my brand and I knew what kind of content I wanted to make.

D: Being genuine. For me, I found that being 100% myself has allowed for people to connect with me and appreciate that about my blog. It's easy to get followers by the follow-unfollow method or bots, but if you do it organically and form REAL relationships with your followers you're not tricking anyone into going to your blog...they're going because they genuinely enjoy it.


How do you create a balance between blogging and school/work?

E: Sometimes it is really tough. Especially because I’m bad at time management. I’ve gotten better at it since freshmen year, but realizing that school comes first is huge. I try to get as much studying done before I get to blog or shoot. Sometimes blogging is a really great break between studying too!

D: A combination of not sleeping and having my planner be my life. I literally use my planner like it's no man's business. It's really hard but my philosophy is: "You make time for what you love...even if it means two hours less sleep".


How has your life changed or been affected since starting your blog?

E: People definitely look at me a different way when they know that I have a blog. It's something unique that not many people do and even employers are impressed by it.

D: It's made me genuinely happier. Being able to do what I love on the daily and having full control over the content I produce makes me so happy-- there's no feeling like it.


Please share a few of your favorite style trends and tips at the moment?

E: Denim everything pretty much. I don’t know if I will ever get sick of my overalls. I’m also really getting into maxi and midi dresses now.

D: Oooh, that's a toughie. I love just the minimalist/ monochrome trend. Less is more ;)


[Photography by Bradley Milstone]


What's your greatest tip for being a successful blogger?

E: Make sure you stay yourself! It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in all the styles, trends, and things that other bloggers and influencers are doing. But checking in with yourself to do what makes you happy is a very important part in being able to create your own success!

D: Don't compare yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in bringing yourself down because someone else is growing faster, or gets more likes or followers. Just worry about you and how you can be amazing at what you do.


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+ If you want to know Demi's outfit details, check them out here.

+ If you want to shop Emma's outfit, find her post here.

+ Also, make sure to follow them on Instagram to add more style inspiration to your feed: @itsdemib & @emmahonohan

xo Caitlin

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