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3 Gifts He'll Love For Valentine's Day

Caitlin Eliza 3 Gifts for Valentine's Day

♡ Let's talk Valentine's Day ♡

Instead of putting together a post with a whole bunch of random ideas, I have 3 gifts that would be amazing for the guy in your life.

I know he'll love them because I've literally given my boyfriend all 3 of these gifts over past few Valentine's days and he still wears / uses them all the time! Let's shop :


These flannels are so well-made. I wanted to give Austin a red flannel for Valentine's Day, but I wanted it to be quality and not look too lumber lack looking, ya know? After lots & lots of googling, I finally found a casual red flannel and it was perfect. He actually wore it so much I bought him another color for his birthday!

I'm honestly considering buying him a 3rd one because that's how much he wears them, plus they are insanely soft. I like to steal his : )

How cute, right?! If your guy needs an updated travel bag or doesn't have one at all and just throws his products all over the place ( or used to use a plastic bag in Austin's case LOL ), this is the ticket.

There's nothing cuter than a sweet message on the inside that only he will see; plus it's also a practical gift that he will use constantly!

J. Crew has tons of fun Valentine's Day themed boxers!

Guys can always use more underwear, so help him out and get him some cute ones : )




Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day with the one you love!

Feel free to share this post with a friend who might need some gift ideas!

xo Caitlin

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