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Get A Flawless Salon Blowout At Home

Bed Head Blowout Freak Styling Tool Caitlin Eliza

Okay guys, if the following applies to you, I found a hair tool you will absolutely love:

+ You want to achieve straight hair that also has volume.

+ You find it hard to navigate a brush and a blow dryer at the same time.

Yes? This is you? I've got you covered!

Bed Head Blowout Freak Styling Tool Caitlin Eliza

Bed Head released their new "Blow Out Freak" which is a one-step drying PLUS volumizing tool.

All of Bed Head's tools are amazing, in my opinion. We've talked about them on the blog before and I've personally been using their tools for years.

The particular tool I want to talk about today is a brush, blow dryer & straightener all in one!

It is so incredibly easy to use, too. You just plug it in, decide if you want it on cool, low or high (I always do high so my hair can be dried as quickly as possible) then start brushing! Hot air will begin to blow through the brush bristles. I start underneath sectioned off parts of my hair, drying from the bottom to the top, and slowly moving the brush through my hair to brush it straight and dry at the same time.

Bed Head Blowout Freak Styling Tool Caitlin Eliza

This tool is especially great because it has mixed pattern bristles to add definition and texture as well as an oval design for maximum volume. Also the tourmaline ceramic technology used reduces frizz and allows your hair to be shiny and vibrant.

Whenever I use this tool I genuinely feel that my hair is softer and silkier to the touch. Plus, just like a blowout at a salon, it keeps your hair looking great for days. I love to use the tool close to the root and lift up as it dries, this really gives extra body and volume to your hair.

I highly recommend this tool for anyone that cannot accomplish straight hair just by blow drying alone. If you need to brush while blow drying, this tool is the way to go.

Bed Head Blowout Freak Styling Tool Caitlin Eliza

Hopefully you found this post helpful! If you style using this tool, tag me so I can see :)

Also, if you want to see my reviews on more Bed Head Styling tools, you can do that here.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Bed Head and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post!

xo Caitlin

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