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Create Perfectly Styled First, Second & Even Third Day Hair

Caitlin Eliza Bed Head Styling

I discovered a new hair tool I love. I mean really love.

One I'm actually going to reach for over the other tools I've used since middle school, ya know?

This Bed Head Morning After Straightener is insane. By day two or three without washing my hair, it can be full of kinks, dried out and frizzy. Not to mention super tangled and just gets puffy when I brush it out. Not about it.

With my old straightener, it would fix day old hair, but kind of seemed like I was just frying my frizzy dry ends and it wouldn't actually make my hair look that much better. With this tool, my hair instantly becomes smooth and shiny. Seriously, it's unreal.

The LED heat settings, along with the tourmaline ceramic technology, offers three simple and effective settings: Wash Day, Second Day or Third Day, each specifically designed to avoid unnecessary heat exposure!

I just turn it on, select my appropriate setting, style away and my hair has never looked so sleek. I can tell I'm not doing as much damage to my hair as normal. It altogether looks and feels healthier!

I also love to use it for loose waves. I'll clamp and twist as I move down each piece of hair to create textured waves; which is exactly how I created my waves in these images : )

Caitlin Eliza Bed Head Styling

Bed Head also dropped the Morning After Smoother for your hair as well!

This is needed for when hair is extra tangled in the morning. It will give 2nd day hair life again by detangling and smoothing out creases; again, without any excess heat. I get breakage in my hair when it becomes longer so avoiding unnecessary heat is key for me.

I love to brush my hair with this first to give it volume before styling it with a straightener. The design of this brush is really unique and keeps your scalp or hands from burning.

If you're looking to recharge your hair, I highly recommend these tools. They are both very light weight making them great for travel and they also have an auto shut-off feature.

Plus, their price point is insane!

Shop them HERE.

Caitlin Eliza Bed Head Styling

I hope you liked this post! What sort of beauty posts would you like to see from me next? In the meantime, check out how I keep my hair a bright white blonde, HERE.

Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to Bed Head for sponsoring this post!

xo Caitlin

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