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Breakouts? This is the Cleansing Device You Need


Okay, so my skin isn't perfect.

Far from, actually, BUT I've noticed a significant change in my skin after I started using my Clarisonic Mia Prima device. No, but seriously. My skin is suddenly baby soft and I can tell it's keeping my breakouts at bay.

Which is MAJOR for me right now. Here's a little skin backstory for you : growing up I never really had skin issues. I just had a tiny breakout here or there but nothing major at all... then college came. I definitely figured out what it was like to deal with breakouts, but again, I managed them. Now, in my 20s, I have major redness and breakouts on a regular basis and trust me, it's no fun. Sure, I'm not always great at taking my makeup off before bed, but it's been such a PAIN keeping breakouts away. More of a pain than it should be, ya know?

So when I had the opportunity to work with Clarisonic and try out their Mia Prima device, I jumped at the opportunity, because why not? Obviously whatever I had been doing wasn't working and I'd heard nothing but amazing remarks about all Clarisonic devices ( I mean, they are ranked #1 by US dermatologists in at home beauty devices ).

And let me tell you, I am legitimately impressed by this tool because not only does it manage to get my skin super clean (like super clean), it doesn't dry it out!!!

HUGE DEAL. I mean, any time I'm at a loss with my skin, I get so frustrated that I deep clean it like crazy.

But like, too crazy.

I end up using a bunch of face masks and wipes that dry out my skin an insane amount. Then it feels really clean but it's also looks like the Sahara Desert LOL & in desperate need of hydration. Finding a device that is actually able to deep clean without being too rough on my skin has been game changing.


The device is clinically proven to cleanse skin 6x better than using your hands alone.... SIX TIMES.

Clarisonic actually uses patented sonic technology to remove makeup 89% better than makeup remover wipes. I use this tool every morning and night to take off all my foundation. AND my skin feels cleaner than it ever has. The brush head is made of non-porous material that doesn't harbor bacteria, making it incredible for removing makeup.

I've been pairing it with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. This foaming face wash helps remove dirt without over-drying or stripping skin. In addition to removing oil and dirt, this pH-balanced cleanser helps maintain skin’s natural balance!

I recently visited a dermatologist because I've been pretty desperate at trying to clear up my skin and was told that pH-balanced cleaners are the absolute best when it comes to managing your skin. PLUS, this Kiehl's cleanser is formulated with Apricot Oil, Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, making it literally perfect.

I swear, the combination of these two together is seriously making my skin incredibly smooth and keeping my breakouts at a minimum.


Okay, so how does this thing actually work?

The bristles of a Clarisonic cleansing brush head move back and forth, or "oscillate", which gently flexes the skin allowing water and cleanser to flush into the pores. This sonic cleansing process removes the dirt and oil that ages your skin and causes breakouts.

Basically, the Clarisonic facial cleansing device doesn't exfoliate – it just does an amazing job at cleaning the skin, making it gentle enough for twice-daily use, even on the most sensitive skin. It does all the deep cleaning work for me, all I have to do it guide it around my face! Plus, it automatically turns off after a minute of use to make sure you don't over clean.

It's even so hi-tech that the brush head has a built-in time strip that activates itself when you attach the brush head and will turn red when it is time to replace. HOW COOL?!


If you or anyone you know is having skin issues, or is just a skin guru - the Clarisonic Mia Prima Device is a perfect Christmas gift for under $100. Plus, don't forget to include the Kiehl's Facial Cleanser!

Honestly, it is an amazing gift for any guy or girl in your life. I am so impressed with the changes I've seen in my skin.

Cheers to the holidays, time with family and clear skin : )

Thank you to Clarisonic, Kiehl’s, and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


xo Caitlin


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