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3 Things My Mom Taught Me & A Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide


It's almost Mother's Day!!

This also means, if you haven't bought your Mom a gift yet... you've come to the right place : )

I'm partnering with Gorjana on this post, because they are offering free gift wrapping + shipping for this Mother's Day! If you've never heard of Gorjana, you should know that they sell super cute QUALITY jewelry pieces at very reasonable prices. Honestly, they are one of my favorite places to buy dainty gold jewelry.

I decided to get my Mom the Bespoke Engravable Bar Necklace in Gold. The fact that this necklace is customizable was PERFECT. I was able to make her gift way more personable. I picked the word "Cherished" because it honestly fits my mom so well.

She has always put my sister and I before herself, and along with being so loving and kind, she is such a positive role model. I genuinely couldn't ask for a better Mom and this Mother's Day, I want her to know just how cherished she truly is and how blessed my sister and I feel to have her in our life!


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Throughout the years, my Mom has given me so much wisdom and I owe a lot to her.

She has played an instrumental role in creating who I have grown into today. For that reason, I'm sharing 3 things she has instilled in me throughout my life; things that have made me a stronger and happier person :

1. The world is my oyster.

I have heard this countless times from her and it's given me the confidence in my life to go after what I want. Anything from trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders when I was 18 ( maybe this needs a blog post ?? HA ) to launching and running my blog today. I believe that if there are opportunities out there, I can be the one that takes advantage of them.

2. If you can dream it, genuinely believe it, then you CAN achieve it.

This kind of goes along with the first point, but reaffirms it even more. Sure the world is your oyster but how exactly do you take advantage of life's opportunities? My mom has taught me that if you have a dream, truly believe in yourself and WORK for it, then you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I am not afraid to trust in my dreams because I know they will work out... my momma told me so : )

3. I am beautiful.

This one is huge. All throughout my childhood and even today, my mom has told me I am beautiful.

My loving mother has built up a confidence in me that no one can take away. Not even myself. I can feel insecure, but I never let it get to me because my mom has always reminded me that I am enough. I think this is partly why I am comfortable going out in public looking absolutely ridiculous sometimes ( LOL ) and it's because I am confident and comfortable in my own skin, no matter what; and for that, I owe it all to my mom.

THANK YOU MOMMA. You've given me the world. Never forget just how cherished you really are.


NOW BABES : time to go shopping and treat your mom to something special this Mother's Day! Gorjana is having free shipping all the way up until Mother's Day and also a free gift wrapping special and a guaranteed delivery date in time for Mother's Day but it ends at midnight on 5/8, so take advantage asap : ) Use code : THANKSMOM

If you like anything below, just click to shop! Almost everything comes in silver as well as gold too.


Love you all! Wishing you the best day with your mommas!

xo Caitlin

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