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A Must Have While Working at the Computer


I spend SO MUCH time in front of a screen.

How could I not??

I use the computer for work, writing posts and answering emails; then my phone for texting, photo editing and social media. Technology is a key ingredient when it comes to blogging. Actually, it's the center of practically everything.

And guess what?! IT'S HARD ON MY EYES.

After a full day in front of the computer, my eyes hurt. Like that aching kind of pain where they also feel totally exhausted and to top it off they look crazy blood shot. Real attractive. Plus, I have to mention the HEADACHES.

All other symptoms aside, attempting to avoid a headache was the main reason I first tried computer glasses.

I suffer from really horrible, debilitating headaches. I mean, they're so bad that I will literally try just about anything on the planet to prevent them.

Technology isn't the only cause of my headaches, but I've found that it is a factor.

I've been doing trial and error on my body for about a year when it comes to finding the cause, prevention and treatment of my headaches. A lengthy blog post in currently in the works to cover every little thing I've discovered that prevents my headaches. And do you want to guess what will most definitely be in that blog post? BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES.

As I said, I try EVERYTHING when it comes to headache prevention, so I literally jumped at the idea of trying computer glasses from the moment I heard about them. AND GUYS, I will not go without them.

Anytime I'm spending an extended amount of time on the computer, you can bet they're on my face. I'm literally wearing them right now to write this.


I bring them with me when I travel, too. They're pretty much an accessory to my laptop at this point.

Oh & along with dry, fatigued eyes, blurry vision, eye strain and headaches; blue light has even been linked to retinal damage?!

This artificial light is NO JOKE.

To top it off, it even messes with something I love so very dearly... my sleep.

Blue light tricks the brain into thinking you should be awake. Ever feel like when you're going about the day you're super tired, then at night while you're on social media you feel wired? That's the blue light.

ALSO, it reduces melatonin production. So at night, instead of your brain starting to wind down, blue light tells your body its time to wake up.

No thank you. I like my deep sleep and I don't want it any other way.

I notice a major difference when I wear my computer glasses and am SO thankful I discovered these babies.

If you've never tried these glasses, you have to. They're just simple frames that have been tinted to block harmful rays and reduce glare to our eyes. Simple, easy and effective.

AND DID I MENTION, they're less than $20 bucks on Amazon.

I'm not kidding.

Shop the frames : HERE.

Also, I linked a few more styles below. YAY for happy eyes!

xo Caitlin


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