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Let's Talk Jewelry

Gorjana Jewelry Caitlin Eliza

I have two requirements when it comes to jewelry — my pieces have to be dainty and they have to be well-made. Sure, sure there are a few exceptions to every rule but that’s my rule of thumb, my go-to... quality dainty pieces. I believe jewelry should compliment and add to YOU. It shouldn’t be a distraction, ya know? Dainty pieces act as accents to the body. Little highlights if you will. There’s something about a few little bracelets on the wrist or tiny studs on the ear that I believe enhance every look; whether you're at the beach, hanging out at home or going out. I also love gold jewelry. I just prefer it to silver, I always have. And I’m totally not a rose gold girl, just not that into it. To each their own. Whether you're into gold or silver, it can be hard to find amazing dainty pieces. Trust me, I know. I’ve had luck on Etsy in the past, but recently I discovered Gorjana and the game has changed.

SO many of their necklaces are insanely perfect for layering and can we talk about their gold hoops? I've even posted about them on Instagram before. They are PERFECT.

I'd been searching everywhere to find quality hoops that don't weigh my ear down or hurt my ears and lemme tell ya, these gold hoops are insanely light-weight and have super comfortable backs on them. I cannot say enough good things about these hoops.

Really, you need a pair.

Gorjana Jewelry Caitlin Eliza

Each piece of jewelry from Gorjana is made with the same level of quality, which is what I need when it comes to jewelry shopping. I like to know what I'm getting myself into.

I need jewelry that is going to hold up use after use, not change color ( or change the color of my skin for that matter ) and won't irritate my skin. The quality of Gorjana's jewelry is superb AND without an insane price tag.

Also, I can layer all their necklaces during the day, mix & match later for dinner, then switch out studs for hoops at night. Every piece literally goes together so perfectly.

Throw on your typical ootd, then sprinkle on some fun dainty pieces and watch your look be taken to another level.

Happy shopping!

Gorjana Jewelry Caitlin Eliza

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Dainty Goodness :


Where are your favorite places to buy jewelry? Let me know in the comments or on my latest Instagram.

xo Caitlin

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