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New York Fashion Week F/W '18 Runway Recap



This was my second time attending NYFW. The first time was in September for the Spring / Summer Collections and I was able to wear tons of cute summery clothes, which is far from what I was wearing this fashion week ( I was basically living in my fluffy white coat LOL ).

I don't know if it was the cold or the fact that my schedule was insane, but this fashion week totally wore me out. I left with a few blisters ( as expected ) and the flu ( not so expected ). SO YA, you can say I was exhausted. I flew straight to Columbus afterward to see Austin and spent my entire trip just recovering and resting.

What makes fashion week totally worth enduring the cold and the hectic long days?? EASY. Attending the runway shows.

There's nothing cooler than getting to take a peak at the upcoming trends for next season. I absolutely love seeing what all the designers offer and what trends they envision for the future. But before I dive into the shows I went to, I created a fun little mash up of my entire NYFW experience including behind the scenes, runway shows, photoshoots, blogger mixers and more!



Okay, now time for the designer break down :

Romeo + Juliet Couture

I was super excited to get invited to this particular show because I wear this designer!! You can catch me in a Romeo + Juliet faux fur jacket, leather jacket or sweater. It's no surprise that the fall / winter collection was full of unique, quality pieces that would look good in anyone's closet. I'm definitely drawn to this designer for that reason and love the ready-to-wear looks.

[ Photos by Mark Gunter ]


Chicago Playground

I'm a big fan of the relaxed, yet edgy vibe of the collection. Plus, the venue and overall feel of the show was SO cool ( you can see clips of it in my NYFW YouTube vid ).

Oh, & I really want that white jacket btw.

[ Photos by Mark Gunter ]


Brian Wood

Happy to see that T-shirt dresses will still be a thing! Plus, I'm a huge fan of the 'American vintage' inspired pieces throughout the collection.

[ Photos by Mark Gunter ]


Dan Liu

First off, I am drooling over the blush pink coat with black trim. I mean, how could you not?! There were so many elegant pieces in this collection that it made me feel like I should be driving a convertible with my own head scarf and sunglasses. Also, very happy to see light pink as a dominant color.

[ Photos by Frazer Harrison ]


Gemma Hoi

Denim, denim and more denim - just what I like to see. Denim never goes out of style; in my opinion. I liked seeing the full-on denim dresses rather than just the typical jacket or pants.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]



Yesssss, happy to see that giant fluffy white coats will still be trendy for next season ( because I'm insanely attached to mine )! Also, I'm loving the two-piece blazer combo for fall. Overall, this collection seemed perfect for a professional environment.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]



The most beautiful bag collection. It was simple, colorful and elegant. I wanted everything.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]


Lavanya Coodly

This collection of stunning dresses had me totally obsessing. The princess peach dress was even more unreal in person.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]



I am completely feeling the bustier / structured vibe. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this trend come our way in the fall. It creates such an empowered look.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]


By Sonia Olla

The runway show started out with a flamenco performance by the designer herself! It was a truly unique runway show experience with Spanish influenced designs.

[ Images : The Nolcha Shows ]



This was the last show I attended during Fashion Week and it did not disappoint. It was a serious and edgy show. I loved the fitted long black shorts mixed with the dark layered jackets. Perfect for fall / winter; plus, who doesn't love black??

[ Photos by Regis Colin ]


That sums up all the shows I attended during fashion week! The days were jam-packed, but it was such an awesome life experience.

Keep an eye out for my NYFW outfit recap here soon. I'll have links to all my looks from fashion week so you can shop your favorite pieces. Have a great rest of your week!

xo Caitlin

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