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When Lightning Strikes

A while back, my parents decided they were going to sell our current family home. So in the past few months, we began moving into a new house.

It was a slow and relaxed moving process; totally not rushed at all. The plan was to be completely moved into the new home in the spring / beginning of summer. I had moved in a huge chunk of my clothes, half of my shoes, some special paintings I picked up while traveling, a mosaic my grandma made me for my college graduation, along with other personal belongings.

Even though I thought I had a good start to the moving process, it seemed like I had nothing moved in yet compared to my parents. They unloaded boxes and boxes of belongings and really started to make the place feel like home. Sure, I was sad to leave behind the place I grew up in, but that's life. Things change.

Life changed more dramatically than I ever would have expected. It took a very sad and shocking turn. This past Tuesday, I woke up to the news that our new home, the one we'd been moving into, had burned down. My heart sank.


Many of you know that I am spending the winter in Florida. I planned to finish moving the bulk of my belongings into the new house when I returned in the spring. This was going to be our new family home. A place where we were going to trust all of our belongings and our lives. To say this news was shocking would be an understatment.

A bad storm had passed through that night and apparently lightning caused the house to catch on fire. Neighbors called the fire department once they noticed, but the damage was done.

We've been told that everything has been lost.

The mosaic my grandma made, all our family photo albums, my mom's wedding dress... all gone. When I look at the photos, I can't even tell what part of the house I'm looking at. It's heartbreaking. There's been a lot of tears this past week, to say the least.



I wish so badly that I wasn't writing this, that it never happened, but it did. My family and I are doing our best to accept / cope with the loss and move forward.

If you're dealing with something difficult right now, I want to share some things to keep in mind; things that have helped me over the last few days :

1. It could be worse.

As much as I am sad that this happened, and I will miss everything lost in the fire, I am grateful that no one was in the house. My family and I could have been home while this happened. We could have lost everything. I am grateful that I have my loved ones, my health and my life. No matter what situation you're dealing with, remind yourself that things could always be worse.

2. Bad things will happen ...

... but you can't let it take away from the good. You could dwell on the bad and let it keep you from enjoying your day-to-day, but what's the point in that? We should never give the negative things in our life power. Instead think of all the things that are going right in your life, all the things you are thankful for and focus on that.

3. Enjoy the NOW.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Cherish every single moment, because it could all change the next day.

4. Time heals.

I know some events in life can be altering and tragic, to the point where things won't ever be the same, but know that as hard as things may be, time does heal. Focus on the good in your life and take every day one step at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to read and remember not to let the bad things in life dull your light.

xo Cait


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