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Calling All Blondes - The Purple Shampoo You Need

Purple Shampoo Blonde Hair Caitlin Eliza

HELLO BLONDIES, this post is just for you.

Okay I'll give you a little back story before we get started :

When I was a little girl I had super blonde hair, I mean WHITE blonde. In about sixth grade, the bright blonde started to fade and so the trips to the salon for highlights began and haven't stopped since. At this point in my life, I'm not 100% sure what my natural color is. All I know is that I've always been blonde and I always want to be blonde.

We just have more fun, ya know? ; )

Purple Shampoo Blonde Hair Caitlin Eliza
Purple Shampoo Blonde Hair Caitlin Eliza

Trying to stay bright white blonde is HARD ( not to mention expensive ).

After getting my hair highlighted the most perfect shade of platinum blonde, I would only go maybe a month, and the brassy / dull tones would start to creep in. I don't know if the highlight color just changes over time, if the shower water alters the color or what happens, but it happens. At about 2 months, I would desperately want to go back in, even though my roots weren't bad. I just wanted that bright platinum look back.

WELL THANK GOODNESS FOR PURPLE SHAMPOO because lemme tell ya, it's a game changer.

I found the most incredible purple shampoo this past spring and GUYS, I went six months without getting my hair highlighted. I had friends making comments ( only about a week or two after I started using this shampoo ), "wow your hair looks super blonde" and "love the color did you just get it done?".

I mean no joke, all the brassy, dull tones started to be completely eliminated. The purple shampoo I use is dpHue cool blonde shampoo and it always keeps my highlights looking bright, like I walked fresh out of the salon. The only reason I have to get my hair colored now is for my roots, which is how it should be, am I right??

Instead of going to the salon every couple of months, I only go to the salon 2-3 times a year now!

If you want to permanently say BUH-BYE to brassy yellow hair - purple shampoo is the way to go and this one WORKS.

Stay blonde & fab.

xo Caitlin

( PS. to achieve this hair look, I used a paddle brush on wet hair to avoid knots, then blew it dry and added a tiny bit of hair cream to avoid static, curled with a wand and finished with some texture spray.

PPS. If you need a good chlorine removal shampoo - I highly recommend this clarifying shampoo. I recently had an unfriendly pool experience HA. The tips of my hair ended up bright green and this shampoo saved me. )

Calling All Blondes Purple Shampoo You Need Caitlin Eliza

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