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Maui Travel Diary Part II


My Maui Travel Diary Part I is complete so now let's get to part II, which is all about Kihei.

This little town is a short drive from Wailea ( where we stayed ) and offered TONS of neat places to check out.

I'll give you a quick recap of the places and things I loved to do in Kihei :


My family and I think farmer's markets are awesome, so with a little help from Google, we found this gem.

It wasn't huge but it was cute and they carried inexpensive and organic fruit. They also had the most beautiful Hawaiian bouquet of flowers.

Finding this place lead us right to an amazing bakery and shave ice place, because they were right next to it!


This is where I ate one too many chocolate croissants, but I couldn't have been happier about it.

We would run down here in the mornings, grab some pastries ( & an iced coffee for me ) then bring them back to enjoy from our patio.


For those of you who aren't familiar with Shave Ice, let's look at Wiki's definition, "Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. While the product can resemble a snow cone, snow cones are made with crushed, rather than shaved, ice."

We loved this particular place so much that we never even tried another shave ice shop.

Too good.


I don't know about the rest of my family, but I was pretty much obsessed with this place.

Not only did they have the BEST aesthetic, but their acai bowls were better than I could even ask for.

Plus, on my last visit, I bought my smoothie in one of their glass mason jars ( you know how I feel about mason jars <3 ) and now I use it almost every day at home.


This village was a little shopping plaza that offered many unique places to shop and things to look at. I loved finding Tutu's Pantry, because I was constantly on the search for something unique from Hawaii to bring home to Austin. Tutu's offered Hawaiian coffee, hot sauce, cooking salt, candies, jams, etc.

The village also offered some fun clothes shopping where I found the best little yellow dress at the boutique pictured below.


Want good fish tacos, great calamari, and even better beer? I mean, who wouldn't want that?

Look no further.

P.S. I am wanting this back in my life right about now.


If you visit Maui anytime soon, I hope this gives you a neat little idea of fun places you might want to visit as well : )

You can't go wrong with Kihei's food, atmosphere & scenery.


+ My FAV swim cover up for the beach

+ Want more travel?

xo Caitlin

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