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Perfect Daily Iced Coffee Thanks to Hyperchiller

Daily Iced Coffee Drinking Caitlin Eliza

I am not a hot coffee drinker by any means.

Okay so that's not totally true. I've been known to get a hot vanilla latte from time to time if I'm cozied up in a coffee shop or I'll opt for a warm coffee is if it's a Skinny Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Both of these things typically only happen in the middle of winter... so 99% of the time I'm an iced coffee person.

If I don't feel like driving all the way to Starbucks ( or spending the 3- 5 dollars ), then I'll make a little DIY french vanilla iced coffee.

I used to make this drink all the time and it was super average... didn't even come close to my Vanilla Iced Coffee order from Starbucks. That's because by the time my coffee was cold, it was super watered down from adding ice. Then Austin bought me a HyperChiller and it changed my coffee game forever.

My HyperChiller chills fresh coffee in a minute with no dilution. It's like adding 30 ice cubes to your coffee with ZERO dilution.

Yes, please.

DIY Daily Iced Coffee

What you need for a delicious DIY iced coffee:

+ Mason Jar ( these are my favorite because they are cute and don't contain any chemicals or BPA like plenty of other cups )

+ Straw ( bought a giant pack at Walmart )

+ K- cup of your choice

+ A Keurig ( yeah this might be the most important one to have HA )

+ Milk ( 2% for me please )

+ Coffee-mate Creamer ( my fav is french vanilla )

Then just brew your coffee from the Keurig directly into the HyperChiller, let it sit for just a minute, then pour it into a glass. I pour my coffee over ice so it continues to stay super cold, then I just add a little bit of milk, creamer and a straw. Fresh, cold and strong coffee - perfect for every day.

ps. I use my HyperChiller with wine too. It chills any drink perfectly and instantly. If you're obsessed with cold drinks like I am, then I 1000% recommend.

HyperChiller Coffee

Summer Essentials:


+ More of a smoothie person instead ?

+ Check out my favorite summer snack

xo Caitlin

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