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Gifts that give back


Well it's official, I am a college graduate and yes, it's weird.

It's weird to think that even though I've gone to school for the past 16 years, I'll never have another exam to take. It's weird to think that my home for the past four years was Purdue and I'll never live there again. It's weird being ( attempting to be ) a real adult but hey, it's all a part of life.

I have officially moved back home which means lots of time to work, blog, and enjoy the perks of small town Indiana. No that wasn't sarcasm either, Indiana in the summer is pretty amazing - beautiful weather, walks with my sweet dog, quality family time, outdoor runs, ice cream at that cute place in-between the corn fields and sunsets over the lake.

Summertime Indiana radiates good vibes and positivity. I'm all about the happy things in life - sunshine and sweet people. This is why I love it here in the summer and I think that's why I also enjoy the fashion and beauty industry so much. It focuses on the fun, flirty, girly aspects in life. Building each other up and being our best selves is the best way to live, don't ya think?

I really respect and admire positive brands whose sole mission is to give back. When I discover a brand like this, it's a little reminder that there are so many wonderful people in our world.

Elevita is an incredible nonprofit that creates all sorts of unique jewelry, accessories, bags and gifts that give back to artisans living in poverty. With Elevita, fashion is so much more than looking good, it's about doing good.

"Our mission is to alleviate poverty worldwide by helping artisans in developing countries find a greater world market for their products. We use 100% of the profits from these sales to fund meaningful humanitarian projects, especially in education.

The artisans we try to help are: - Artisans who have limited access to markets - Artisan groups that work toward educating women and girls - Artisans in distressed areas - Handicapped or otherwise marginalized artisans Elevita is a nonprofit organization with 100% volunteer management."


I own two products from Elevita - a bag and a necklace.

My bag is literally called "Best Bag Ever" and no joke, it's amazing. It's ridiculously well-made, beautiful, and durable ( I mean, this thing can hold a lot ).

Plus, it has a zipper so all my stuff won't spill out everywhere AND there are pockets on the inside so I don't have to search 5 hours just to find some chapstick - so great.

This bag was made by a group of women in Cambodia from beautiful Khmer woven fabric. It's a perfect tote to use if you're studying at a coffee shop, need an over night bag, or when traveling.

Oh, and it comes in 4 different colors! You can shop the Best Bag Ever here.



My necklace from Elevita is handmade by a single mother raising two children in the rural Philippines. It is called a "Stunning Stone Necklace" and is offered in 7 different color variations.

Elevita is such an incredible organization and every purchase YOU make has a direct impact on the lives of these artisans.



Fashion can be so much more than how we look or what designers we wear. It doesn't have to be materialistic.

To me, fashion has been a way to express myself; a way to look and feel my best. With Elevita, it is also a way for me to give back and make an impact on the lives of artisans living in poverty.

If you are looking to treat yourself, give a gift to a friend or family member, then I definitely recommend that you check out their website.

Trust me when I say that if you bought all your friends this bag, they will thank you.


+ Photography by Samantha Gieseking. Follow her on Instagram.


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xo Caitlin

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