Caitlin Eliza Preset Pack


Caitlin Eliza Preset Pack

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  • The Caitlin Eliza Preset Pack includes 5 different presets:


    1. Natural

    This is an everyday edit. It is a subtle, yet beautiful preset that will enhance and elevate every photo in your camera roll!


    2. Glow

    This is a golden edit, that adds an extra extra glow to give your photos something special. It works extremely well in sunny or golden hour photos!


    3. Bright

    This might be my personal favorite. It really creates a stunning "wow" factor in photos by giving an extra boost of light and color!


    4. Warm

    When your lighting really needs some help, this edit is perfect to bring a warmer pop to enhance any cool tones in your photos!


    5. Sunset

    Just like the name suggests, this preset works amazing in sunset photos to add perfect pastel tones or when you just want your photos to look extra vibrant!


    I created this preset pack so that no matter what kind of photo you might take: natural light, backlit, dark with flash, sunset, shadowed, etc... any photo you take will look incredible with just one click! All of the presets compliment one another to give you a cohesive and aesthetic Instagram feed!

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How To Install & Use The Preset Pack

1. Download the FREE 'Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor' mobile app in the 'App Store' on your phone. 

2. Add the preset pack to your cart & check out.

3. After checkout, you will receive an email to download them. 

4. You will be asked if you want to download "CE's Preset", click "Download".

5. Click the small download arrow in the top right hand corner of your screen & click on "CE's Preset


6. You will be taken to your Downloads.

  • Click on 'ZIP: CE's Preset'. 

  • The file will become 'unzipped' and you will see a folder called "CE's Preset PACK".

  • Click on this folder and you will see all 5 presets.

7. Click the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner of your screen. Click 'Select'. Then select all 5 presets.

8. Click the arrow in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and select "Save 5 Images".

9. They will save to your photo album as plain white squares. 

10. Open the Lightroom app. From here, create a new album and label it. For example, I labeled the album "My Presets". This will be a safe space to add your presets. 

11. Click the small photo with a plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to upload your presets 'From Camera Roll'.