Let's Talk About Eyelash Extensions

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I debated getting eyelash extensions for the. longest. time.

I mean, I always knew I wanted them because my natural eyelashes are short and very blonde, but the cost was a huge deterrence for me personally. Plus, I had other concerns: What if I hate them? What if my eye lids swell up? What if they look bad?

However, starting 2019, I decided to go for it and invest in myself. I would be moving to Florida for the first few months of the year, which I knew meant lots of working out and being near water, while also consistently taking pictures.

I wouldn't have the energy to put on and take off: eyeliner, mascara and fake eyelashes every single day. Plus, none of my makeup is sweat proof or water friendly... so I began my eyelash extension journey.


Before quickly deciding on a place, I did some proper vetting.

I looked everywhere in the Naples / Marco Island area. The best-looking, most reputable places were all popping up in Naples so I narrowed my search to there and started looking at prices and reviews.

I decided on Amazing Lash Studio. It is actually a chain eyelash studio, which I liked because the design, look and feel of the brand is well thought out and put together. Good branding is something I find trustworthy.

If a company is putting time and energy into their design, website and overall branding, they aren't going to start cutting corners with who they employ or at least I wouldn't hope so. Also, Amazing Lash Studio offers an insanely low price on your first set of lashes, so the price point was a BONUS for sure.

With any larger company, bad reviews will come. Not everyone is going to be happy and that's just a fact, but you don't want to ignore reviews altogether. This place did have mixed reviews, but I focused on the positive ones. I read reviews where specific stylists were recommended. Then I made my appointment with the stylist who was recommended the most.

So now, going into my first appointment, I know I'm getting a good price, the location is clean and beautiful and I'm getting them applied by someone who was highly recommended.

Application Process

I went in and I was late (as per usual... oops), so I went immediately back to the room after filling out just a little bit of paperwork. I was only asked a few questions, such as : the sort of shape I was looking for, length I wanted and if I wanted classic, 3D or 6D lashes.

Then she began the application. I reiterated how I've had experience with falsies before and I really like the look of long, thick lashes but still wanted them to look semi-natural. Not trying to look obnoxious, ya know? We went with the classic lashes because it was my first time getting extensions and they turned out perfect!


I asked you all to send me your eyelash extension Q's on my Instagram story so let's get to it, K?


Whats the difference between classic, 3D or 6D lashes?

At this particular studio, these were the only 3 extension options offered.

Classic eyelashes means they glue one eyelash extension onto each of your real eyelashes. 3D and 6D are considered volume extensions that add either 3 or 6 eyelashes onto each natural eyelash. Basically, the more "glam" you want your look to be, the more volume you want!

I had classic lashes put on for my first application, then 3D lashes went on for my first fill. There is an up charge to have volume lashes put on, but I wanted to see what the volume lashes were all about!

I honestly preferred the 3D lashes to the classic because they have more of a wispy look and feel. Plus, the slightly thicker lashes looked best on my eye shape. However, since the difference wasn't too major, I went back to classic lashes because the cost outweighed the look for me, but if you can afford them, go for it.

I can't speak on the 6D lashes, because I've never had them. I have seen them on other people though, and they create a very pretty, dramatic look if that's what you're looking for!


Can you get them wet?

Immediately after my first application, I was told It's important not to get them wet for the first 24- 48 hours after application. I was also told to avoid burning them via steam when cooking or somehow getting them too hot; although hard to do, it can effect them.

But yes, once completely dry, these lashes are very water friendly!


Can you majorly sweat in them? Will they last through intense workouts?

Absolutely. I work out 5- 7 days a week and half of my workouts are intense outdoor workouts in 80 degrees. They are not affected at all. If anything, they help keep the sweat out of my eyes. LOL


What do they feel like? Do you notice them after a few days or is it second nature?

I personally don't think they feel like anything. They feel so much better than false eyelashes because those are glued to the skin and by the end of the day I always wanted to take them off; but with eyelash extensions, I completely forget they're on because they are connected directly to the eyelashes.

The worst part about them is not being able to rub your eyes. I personally didn't think this would be an issue, until I got my face wet. I always rub my eyes to get the water out of my eyes and with extensions, you can't really do that. It takes some time to get used to, but it's a small price to pay for beautiful eyelashes.


Can I still wear eye makeup?

Yes! I personally got extensions so I don't have to wear any eye makeup. I wanted to get them to make my life easier and save time, but if you want to still wear eyeliner / eyeshadow with them, you totally can! Just be careful when you remove your eye makeup to not to rub your eyelashes or be too aggressive with them. We want them to last as long as possible!


Is it true they can cause real eyelashes to fall off if you wear them too much?

False. Eyelash extensions won't make your natural lashes fall out any faster than they would on their own. Lashes follow a growth cycle and most people don't notice their natural lashes shedding because of how small and fine they are.


What if I'm allergic?

Yes, you can be allergic to eyelash extensions. Most people will know if they're allergic to the glue used in eyelash extensions within the first 24- 48 hours of application. If you do notice you're allergic, you just go back to the studio and have them removed. If you aren't allergic, then YAY : )

How did you decide on the look you wanted?

Personally, I had been wearing false eyelashes for the last year, so I knew the type of look I was going for: long, thick, natural looking lashes. With Amazing Lash Studio, they have 4 styles you can choose from: gorgeous, natural, sexy, or cute. We ended up doing a mix between gorgeous and natural lashes. I prefer more of the gorgeous look, but to really achieve that look, you have to be willing to pay for volume lashes.

I recommend just really talking to your stylist about the type of look you want to achieve!


Is there any maintenance or upkeep?

Other than going in and getting them filled, there's very little you have to do to maintain your extensions! It's important to keep them clean. I do this by not wearing eye makeup and washing my face like I normally would. It's good to note that they will clump together when wet so you'll want to invest in an eyelash brush. I purchased one at the studio because I was using an eyebrow brush at first and that was not working right. HA

I'll always brush them after they get wet. Then also throughout the day if I feel like they're turning in an odd direction or doing something weird.

I also recommend having a pair of tweezers handy because on a couple occasions, the extensions have caused a few of my natural lashes (that weren't attached to an extension) to be pushed straight down and into my eye. I'll just tweeze these so they aren't poking me in the eye and I'm good to go.


How did you decide on a place you trust?

This isn't easy to do. I shared how I decided on Amazing Lash Studio above; so I recommend doing something along those lines. Have a wide area you're willing to drive to and begin searching, then narrow your search based on recommendations, reviews, price point, etc. Then you just have to pick a place and hope for the best. If it's not a good experience, just try somewhere else!


What do they cost?

My initial application was $79.99 and every time I go in for a fill, it is $59.99.

Keep in mind this price can be very different depending on what studio you go to and the type of lashes you get!


How often do they need to be filled?

I would say anywhere between 2- 4 weeks, depending.

I went exactly 2 weeks between my initial application and my first fill. I could have waited longer, but it was my first time, so I wanted to make sure I didn't wait too long.

Then I went 19 days between my first fill and my second fill, and this time, they looked even better than I thought they would after 19 days and I definitely could have went longer! I think this is because I had on the 3D extensions and they seemed to last a little longer because of the thickness.

And now, I went 3 full weeks between my second fill and my third fill. They were definitely ready for a fill at 3 weeks, because they just started to look a little thinned out.

If you get volume lashes, you might be able to go a little longer, but with classic lashes, I like to go about 3 weeks in

between fills.

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WOW, that was a TON of info! I hope I was able to answer all your questions about eyelash extensions. If you think of anything else you would like answered, comment below or on my latest Instagram.

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xo Caitlin

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