Summer Prep: Beauty Checklist

Summer Prep Beauty Checklist

Summer is right around the corner... are you ready?

I've been using my favorite beauty products to prepare for this warm sunshine season so I can look and feel my best. I put them all together in what I'm calling a mini beauty checklist of everything I'm doing / using to get ready for this summer!

Let's take a look:


I don 't want my smile to look dull at all. I love to have bright white teeth; I mean, who doesn't? However, I have super sensitive teeth, so the only thing I use Smile Brilliant. It's the only thing I've used on my teeth where I've seen major results and had ZERO sensitivity. I cannot say enough good things about Smile Brilliant. If you want more info, I even wrote an entire blog post on them HERE.

I am giving away a $149 credit to Smile Brilliant to one of YOU. All you have to do is click the link below to enter:


Or if you can't wait and want to start whitening right away, use code "caitlineliza15" for 15% off your order.

I love pairing up with them to give you guys deals because I've been using them religiously for almost 2 years now and I want everyone to experience how awesome they are!

♡ SKIN ♡

I've been going to Joppa Spa for derma-planing facials and my skin hasn't looked this good in I don't know how long! Derma-planing exfoliates by taking off the top layer of skin and removing any fuzz and dirt. It is super gentle and completely painless. After getting it done, my products absorb easily and my makeup goes on SO smooth. I get this done regularly to keep my skin looking its best!

If you live near the Fort Wayne area and want to give this service a try, click here to book an appointment and tell them I recommended you to get money off your services!

A few months back I suffered from hormonal breakouts triggered from using a new birth control and even now that it's corrected, I still have pigmentation issues left from the breakouts. To correct discoloration issues, I've been using Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads along with Olehenriksen brightening cream and I've been seeing noticeable differences in my skin!

Finding new products to help my skin has been incredible. I won't go a day without using these products!

♡ HAIR ♡

I avoid brassy yellow hair one shampoo at a time by using Dp Hue Purple shampoo. You know I've sworn by this stuff for years now. Read my full blog post on this product here.

♡ TAN ♡

I've never been a self-tanning person, but times have changed, my friend. This year my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. She is completely okay and they were able to get all the margins but it is still something very scary.

It showed me the importance of not using the sun as a way to tan. If I really want to have tan skin and not look pasty in a swimsuit, well then self-tanner is the way to go! I've been using Bronzing Mist on my face and works incredibly well and then I also just bought Isle of Paradise tanning water for my body.


Self-tan might make you look good, but it won't keep your skin protected from the Sun's harmful rays. That's why I use Glossier's Invisible Shield Sunscreen on my face and Supergoop on the rest of my body when I know I'm going to be in the sun. Both these products feel like a natural lotion rather than an oily sunscreen... obsessed!


Need some fresh summer clothes? I've been doing lots of shopping and linking my new clothes I've been wearing on the Shop My Instagram page as well as posting tons of clothes I'm getting rid of on my @ShopCaitlinEliza Instagram account.

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What do you do to prepare for summer? Let me know if I'm missing anything good!

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xo Caitlin

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