Reviewing 2018 Resolutions & Setting Goals for 2019

January 4, 2019

 Before we talk about 2019, let's do a little recap of what 2018 looked like, ya?


I kicked off the New Year in Indianapolis with Austin and a group of our friends, then spent the first 3 months of the year living in Florida, went to February Fashion Week, turned 23, enjoyed the summer in Indiana, traveled to Chicago, Charlotte, Reading, Sandusky, West Lafayette, Orlando and a bunch of trips to Columbus to visit Austin, ended the year surrounded by family for Christmas and had a wonderful New Year's Eve with Austin and his family.


2018 had its ups and downs ( the house my family & I were moving into burned down ), but overall it was a fun-filled year!


 As for 2019 plans? First, I will be living in Florida for the first 3 months of the year again ( HELLO SUNSHINE ) and second, I'm planning on attending NYFW in September. Other than that, I can't wait to see where the year takes me!

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I thought it only be fair that I share my resolutions from last year ( this is me keeping me accountable LOL ) and also how I'm tweaking these goals for 2019 :



+ Launch a YouTube channel and monthly email newsletter.


Review : Heyooo! I did this! Subscribe here : YOUTUBE ♡ NEWSLETTER


2019 goal : I'm putting more focus on Pinterest and want to continue with daily IGs, monthly YouTube posts & newsletters, as well as weekly blog posts.



+ Plan my entire day out the night before.


Review : I honestly could still be better at this. Sometimes I let the day dictate what I do instead of the other way around. Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential once said, "Are you working in your blog or on your blog, there's a difference." That really hit me. I need to work on my blog and be in control of my day instead of working "in" it; meaning, what I do for the day should be solely determined by me not by the emails I get or what the people around me do. It's important not to let the day guide you, but that you guide the day. If you want a more detailed blog post of exactly what I'm talking about, read this one.


2019 goal Be a slave to my calendar, LOL but really. As mentioned earlier, I've been letting the day control what I get accomplished instead of the other way around. I plan on mapping out my day completely the night before and sticking to everything on my calendar religiously. I bought a notebook that breaks down my day hour by the hour and I'm obsessed.




+ Workout regularly ( also make time to stretch & dance )


Review : Yes, I worked out throughout the year, but I wasn't totally consistent. I did take some time to dance though, which I haven't done since college and loved it.


2019 goal : I want to be completely consistent with my workouts throughout the entire year and not take time off. I also want to choreograph and film a dance routine for Instagram.


+ Read daily. 


Review : Nope, failed at this. I totally started reading, but then stopped after a few weeks.


2019 goal : I just got a couple new books so I'm really excited to start them! I think 2018 taught me that reading every single day might have been a slightly aggressive goal, so for 2019 I don't want to read every day, but I want to finish all the books I've purchased over the last couple years. 




+ Clean out / organize my life by getting rid of things I don't need. 


Review : YES. I actually have a huge pile of clothes currently in my room that I decided to get rid of. I plan on posting everything to a "Shop Caitlin Eliza" Instagram so you can easily shop my closet. 


2019 goal : I want to continue to be minimalistic and eliminate things from my life that I don't need, use, wear, etc.




+ Begin every day happy and optimistic. "If you're going to rise, you might as well shine".


Review : Always! I make sure to do this through my morning habits.


2019 goal : I will continue with my morning routine and start every day with clear intention.




Hope you enjoyed this post! I think it's super important to hold ourselves accountable and recommit to the things that are important to us. What are your goals / resolutions for 2019? Comment below; I'd love to know! 





                                     xo Caitlin 








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