8 Beach Day Essentials

Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials

I'm into a good beach day. I mean, who isn't? They are SO relaxing.

It's warm, sunny, beautiful and there's something about the ocean that's incredibly soothing.

But I'm not here to talk about the beach, I want to talk about the beach day essentials. Ya know, the necessities that help make the day so great.

Let's dive right into all my beach day goodies that let me look and feel my best at the beach; including, the cutest suits, best sunscreen, waterproof makeup, accessories and interesting beach reads.


Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials
Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials


1. Swimsuit

You can't go to the beach without a swimsuit, K?

The suit you pick plays the largest role when it comes to looking and feeling your best on the beach. You feel good, you look good and vice versa.

I am always looking for comfort and style & let me tell ya, this white one piece swimmy is from my beach daydreams. First off, the color white will make anyone look super tan. The trick is to wear a suit that is brighter or lighter than your natural skin tone. You do not want to see me in a black swimsuit during the deep Indiana winter months HA.

Also, I need a suit that has a flattering cut and this suit has that. If I'm putting on a one piece, I still want to feel fun and not be totally covered up. The high-cut hips and strappy back design make this suit SO cute. I am loving tons of suits from TOBI right now.

You can shop my exact suit : HERE

2. Sunscreen

Okay, before I established this current tan I have going on, I tend to be super fair-skinned and would get burnt very easily.

NEVER FORGET... Spring Break '16 when I hadn't seen the sun in 5 months ( thank you Indiana ) and I burnt myself to a crisp on DAY ONE because I really wanted to feel the sunshine and didn't want sunscreen to keep me from getting my tan on LOL.

Safe to say I learned my lesson from having to apply aloe religiously the rest of the trip and I definitely learned that when I don't have a base tan, I burn without sunscreen and will build a tan with it.

So sunscreen is a must.

The hardest part for me has been finding a sunscreen that actually soaks into my skin and doesn't leave me feeling gross hours later. I've literally applied sunscreen and FIVE HOURS later, my skin was still getting white residue on my clothes. Not cool.

Very happy to share that I discovered a sunscreen that is fast-absorbing, light-weight, has ZERO white residue, moisturizes skin and is water resistant. HELLO SUNSCREEN, where have you been my whole life?

The brand is called Supergoop and you can shop their products : HERE

3. Sunglasses

If you don't want to be squinting all over the place, bring your sunnies.

Shop my FAVS :

4. Cover-Up

Whether it's a hat, kimono, dress, etc. I love having things to cover up with on the beach!

After my little spring break burning disaster, I am much more in tune with my skin. I can tell ( for the most part ) when it's had enough. If my face is feeling over-whelmed, I'll throw on a hat. Shoulders feeling slightly too toasted? A kimono. It's important to have items to protect your skin incase the sunscreen just isn't enough or if the sun is a little too intense.

Block the sun with a unique cover up.

Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials
Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials

5. Makeup

I like the idea of being totally fresh faced at the beach, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it. Remember when I said it's all about feeling your best? I feel my best when I add a little bit of makeup ( especially if I'm shooting for the blog that day ).

My beach day makeup is simple and straight forward :

+ 50 SPF CC cream. My skin has even more sun protection and just the right amount of coverage.

+ Waterproof mascara. Keeps my mascara on if I go swimming and doesn't melt off in the sun.

+ I am always wearing my Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in shade 'Moonstone'.

+ Last but not least, a light pink lip.


6. Jewelry

No look is complete without a few pieces of dainty gold jewelry. It's the best way to accessorize and enhance any look. I wrote an entire post on my favorite place to buy jewelry.

You can also shop a few of my favorite pieces here :

7. Book

I love a good fiction read, but lately I've been leaning toward self-improvement books. I'm really into self-growth and enhancing how much I can get accomplished in my day to day or long-term goals.

Interesting reads :

8. Water / Snacks

A beach day should be relaxing. It's the worst when you're sitting there thinking about how dehydrated / over-heated you are. PLUS, the beach is no place to be hangry.

I'll always toss a water bottle and a snack or two into my beach bag before heading out. This is a must for me!

Caitlin Eliza x TOBI - 8 Beach Day Essentials

I hope you loved hearing about the goodies I need for a perfect day in the sun. What are your beach essentials? Let me know in the comments or on my latest Instagram.

Are you flying to your next beach getaway? Take a look at the 6 things I never get on a plane without.

Talk again soon,

xo Caitlin

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+ this post is in collaboration with Tobi, as always, all opinions are my own

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