My 2017 Reflections & 2018 Resolutions ( Plus a $750 Amazon Gift Card )

NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza
NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza
NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza

These pictures were taken during New York Fashion Week, which ended up being one of my most memorable moments of 2017.

Along with a few other things, such as :

Ringing in the New Year in Mexico with my family and boyfriend, enjoying my last semester of college surrounded by wonderful friends, launching my blog, traveling to Florida twice ( once to visit my parents and another for spring break ), turning 22, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University, spending two weeks in Hawaii, visiting my grandma in Pennsylvania, and plenty of road trips to Columbus, Ohio to see my boyfriend.

It's been a busy and exciting year, so I wanted to share a few things that 2017 taught me :

+ No one will do the work for you. Be relentless.

+ What other people think of you is absolutely irrelevant.

+ Follow what makes you happy, not what makes you money.

+ Everyone is on their own journey, don't compare your path to someone else's.

+ Inspiration is everywhere if you open your eyes.

+ Don't doubt the power you have over your life.

+ Collaboration > Competition.

+ DO YOU. Seriously, find whatever makes you happy and do that, then own it. Be unapologetically yourself.

+ Things will change- for better and for worse. Change is a part of life whether you like it or not. Accept the bad and embrace the good.

+ ENJOY, SMILE & LIVE in the moment. Life is a beautiful thing.

NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza
NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza
NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza

2018 is in full swing and I already have some fun things in the works :

I'll be moving to Florida for the first few months of the year ( hello sunshine!! ) and attending NYFW again in February! This year I want to continue to push myself to be my best and create TONS of content.

Here are my 2018 resolutions / goals to help me accomplish just that :

+ Launch a YouTube channel and monthly email newsletter.

+ Plan my entire day out the night before.

+ Spend less time on my phone and watching TV.

+ Wake up earlier and try to go to bed earlier.

+ Workout regularly ( also make time to stretch & dance )

+ Read daily.

+ Make my skincare routine a priority - morning and night.

+ Clean out / organize my life by getting rid of things I don't need.

+ Be more candid with YOU. I want to connect more with my readers through consistent IG stories and blog posts.

+ Begin every day happy and optimistic. "If you're going to rise, you might as well shine".

NYFW Top of the Rock Caitlin Eliza

To thank you all SO MUCH for your support this past year, I want to start the New Year with a huge giveaway! I paired up with some awesome bloggers to giveaway a $750 gift card to Amazon. Good luck & happy New Year : )

Here's to a wonderful 2018! May we all make the most of it.

xo Caitlin

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