Brunch Date Style

Today's post is a FUN brunch date / lunch date inspired look.

I actually took these images immediately after I went to brunch in this outfit!

I know fall is in full swing, but I am a sucker for florals anytime of year. Plus, brunch is always a good excuse to break out bright colors.

"Fall Florals" can be a thing, right?? Well they are to me : )

I paired this white floral maxi skort with a deep red bodysuit and tan mules. I love this look for a warm fall Sunday morning OR if it's cooler outside, simply add a white leather jacket. I like this one.

This look can easily be recreated with any maxi skort, bodysuit & pair of mules. I linked some of my favorites below.

( P.S. this look definitely makes a statement, because HOURS after brunch, I went inside a gas station and as I was leaving, a man was entering. When he held the door I said, "thank you" and he replied ,"how was brunch?". I was A LOT shocked by his response... because I had never seen this man before and said, "I'm sorry, do I know you?" he replied, "I noticed you earlier today at the restaurant". Slightly creepy, HA but moral of the story is, if you want to stand out, this outfit will do the trick. Happy shopping & happy brunching! )

[ Photography by Austin Kurkowski ]

Create the look :

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xo Caitlin

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