How to get Pearly Whites for Sensitive Teeth

Let's talk teeth!

Okay, I first want to say that I've never been unhappy with the color of my teeth, BUT they have also never been the super bright white I've always wanted.

As a blogger who's constantly in front of the camera, it's important to always feel confident and for me, a bright smile is a part of that.

I've tried whitening strips and have had MAJOR sensitivity. I've also tried one-size-fits-all gel trays and my teeth hurt for an entire day. I do not handle teeth sensitivity well. SO not about it.

I mean, I basically just resorted to the fact that I'd never have an insanely bright white smile because of my sensitivity.

For years, I've only used whitening tooth paste / mouth wash and had given up on any whitening products stronger than that, until I found out about Smile Brilliant. I heard really good things about their whitening results and was especially excited about the desensitizing gel, which I’d never heard of before.

I was still nervous to try it, for fear of sensitivity, BUT I am so happy to share that I had ZERO pain while using Smile Brilliant and have truly noticed a difference in my smile : )

There are two things that stand out to me about this product that I haven't found in whitening products I've used in the past : custom fitted whitening trays and desensitizing gel.

These custom fitted trays are key because I barely even notice anything is in my mouth. If you've had braces before you can relate, because it fits just like a retainer and becomes barely noticeable. With the generic one-size-fits-all whitening trays, I feel like the whitening gel is seeping out and up into my gum line. Also, can we talk about constant mouthwatering?? It's not pleasant.

With fitted trays, the gel stays INSIDE the trays and I get to carry on with my day while I whiten and I can even hold a conversation. With these trays, it's SO easy.

The second thing I love is the desensitizing gel. I use it right after whitening to reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining.

My Smile Brilliant Experience

After being shipped a box with everything I needed to make my own teeth impressions, the step by step instructions made it surprisingly easy and quick to do. Once my impressions were made, I placed them in my prepaid envelope and shipped them back to Smile Brilliant.

In a few days, custom whitening trays showed up at my door and fit perfectly.

Before whitening, I use a sensitivity prevention trick I learned from my friends over at Smile Brilliant. I apply a thin layer of coconut oil along my gum line. I know it sounds super weird but it helps prohibit the whitening gel from affecting the gum tissue.

To whiten, I apply a thin layer of the whitening gel into the trays ( I never add too much as an extra precaution against sensitivity ) and put them in. They recommend whitening anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours every day depending on your sensitivity. I typically whiten for a little over an hour every night and I've never experienced any sensitivity.

I love to whiten before I go to bed because I know I'm kept busy at night blogging so if I'm going to be working on my computer, I might as well be whitening my teeth while I do it ( OR if I'm binge watching a show, it's perfect for that too )!

After I whiten, I rinse my trays, brush my teeth and add a thin layer of the desensitizing gel into my trays for about 20 minutes then viola! Rinse and ready for bed.

It takes just a couple weeks of whitening every night to finish the Smile Brilliant process with a brighter and whiter smile : )

You can get your custom whitening trays here and make sure to use code "CaitlinEliza20" to get $20 off your order!

P.S. Smile Brilliant & I teamed up to giveaway a T3 Sensitive Whitening Kit to one of YOU!

It is SO easy to enter :


+ This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant, as always all opinions are my own.

Smile bright babes!!

xo Caitlin

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