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NYFW SS'18 Outfit Recap

WOW where do I even start?

New York Fashion Week was insane and amazing. Honestly, such a whirlwind.

It was incredible to be surrounded by so much talent. I was finding myself watching the most amazing pieces come down the runway right alongside other bloggers that I look up to; attending the same shows and events. I am leaving Fashion Week more inspired than ever. It was one of those experiences where I felt like I was right where I belong.

This post is going to be a recap of my overall trip and links where you can shop my looks from NYFW :



To start the trip off, I drove to Chicago to join my blogger bff Caitlin ( yes, we are both named Caitlin ) at her place in the city. We grabbed dinner at sweetgreen ( the peach & goat cheese salad is amazing ) and went to a premiere for the new movie, Home Again. We stayed at her place and headed to the airport in the morning to start our NYFW journey.


Shop my look :


Shop my look :


NYFW Day 1

The first place we went : Nolcha Lounge.

At the lounge we were able to connect with many different brands. My favorite part of the lounge was definitely discovering ECRU New York's dry texture spray.

Let me preface; I rarely use hair products. I mean, I'll use dry shampoo when I need to but I always feel like it's barely working or just adding A LOT of white powder. Hair spray is alright, but it makes my hair crunchy. So I pretty much try not to use any hair products.

At the lounge, I was given a bottle of dry texture spray and trust me when I say it changed my hair game. After traveling for a good part of the day and going to an event, I needed hair spray & dry shampoo ( I brought none of either ) so I tested out this texture spray in-between the lounge and our first show.

Let me tell you, it worked like dry shampoo without adding ANY white powder to my hair and also acted as a hair spray by giving my hair volume & kept my curls intact.

I want to clarify that I am in no way sponsored by this brand, I just love their product. Anything I love I always want to share with you! So definitely try this spray if you need a new hair product in your life.

Now onto clothes.

I had two different looks for the first day : a black lace mini dress ( which I wore to the lounge ) and a navy slip dress. I actually purchased the black lace dress the last time I was in New York City. The navy slip dress I picked up at TJ Maxx towards the beginning of this summer. I couldn't find these exact looks online but I linked very similar styles below.

After the lounge, I changed into the slip dress and we headed off to our runway shows through Style Fashion Week.

Afterwards we grabbed an Uber to Times Square for an event and while exiting the car the driver actually ran over the back of my foot. When stepping out, I placed my foot in front of the back tire. The driver suddenly began driving while I was exiting and the tire drove over the back of my ankle / heel.

When I tired to confront the driver about what happened, he proceeded to drive off.

It was scary because I wasn't sure how badly I was hurt. THANKFULLY it only bruised and became swollen. I definitely couldn't wear the wedges I packed. Even now, I went for a run today and had to change into running shoes that weren't as high up on my ankle, BUT the bruise is healing and I am grateful that no major damage occurred.

So PSA everyone: launch yourself out of the Uber and avoid being anywhere near the tires because you never know when a driver might decide to keep driving while the door is open. Seriously though, you should have seen me practically launching myself out of cars the rest of the week.

After it happened, we sat for a while and I could tell I was alright so luckily we still made it to our event and even managed to grab a few photos in Times Square.

Oh & we ended the night with pizza so I'd say Day 1 was a success.


Shop my look :


Shop my look :


NYFW Day 2

We were up and at it early by grabbing coffee & breakfast before shooting our outfits for the day. I started the day in an olive two piece set from TOBI and paired it with a vintage Coach bag that used to belong to my mom.

After our first show of the day, naturally, we decided an outfit change was a must but didn't have time to go back to our hotel... so we hit up the closest Forever 21 ; )

I snagged the cutest latex mini for $14.90 ( I linked it below for you to shop ) and took a picture in front of the wall before rushing, seriously rushing, back for another show. This wall is a huge deal to bloggers because is a way for us to link our Instagrams so you can shop outfits directly from the post! If you ever have any questions about or how it works, just DM me.

After three shows and changing outfits in Forever 21's fitting room, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Style Collective Party. SC is a community of bloggers and we all came together for the night to celebrate at Inside Park at St. Bart's. The venue was unreal and so was the DJ. Such a fun night with amazing blogger babes.


Shop my look :


Shop our looks :


Shop my look :


NYFW Day 3

The most incredible view of the city kicked off our day three from the Top of the Rock. This view exceeded my expectations. It was stunning to get a bird's eye view of the entire city.

I wore a black maxi dress from TOBI, which I wore all day while we ran around to our shows, stopped at sweetgreen again ( of course, I had the peach & goat cheese salad ) and checked out the flatiron district.

Afterwards, we headed by to our hotel to change into something a little more cozy to explore Central Park and do a little shopping.


Shop my look :


Shop my look :


NYFW Day 4

Our last day snuck up SO fast.

We started the day with a 9am show, then grabbed coffee with blogger babe Austen Tosone of Keep Calm and Chiffon. She convinced us to take the subway to our next destination ( it was giving me London Tube vibes and I was majorly reminiscing ).

We arrived at Cantina Rooftop for a Style Collective brunch. The venue was so fun and again, I met more passionate bloggers from all across the world ( S/O to my Australian blog babe Milly ).

It was a perfect last day spent dressed in gold & sparkles.

Just afterwards we had to go back to our hotel, pack up & head to the airport. I wore pretty much the same thing traveling home as I did traveling to NYC, but I opted for a 'I Love NY' shirt instead of a black tank. It was only fitting : )


Shop my look :


Shop the look :


+ this post contains affiliate links

I hope you loved this recap!

I'll be recapping all the shows I attended and fashion trends I saw for Spring & Summer 2018. So stay tuned.

+ I've been linking tons of daily products / outfits on Twitter so make sure to follow : )

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+ If you want to watch a video recap of our trip, here's a little Vlog of our NYFW

xo Caitlin

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