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Maui Travel Diary Part I

Time to dive deeper into my Maui trip!

I've already discussed the Road to Hãna and my favorite swimwear from the trip, so now I want to give a little itinerary of what I did in Maui. If you haven't read my previous posts, I spent a little over 2 weeks in Maui, Hawaii with my immediate family and it was such a wonderful experience.

Here are some of the amazing things we did:


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We stayed at Ekahi Village and it was such a beautiful family condo. The entire village was well manicured with stunning scenery. Our condo sat up on a hill overlooking gorgeous plants and palm trees with the ocean in the background. It had more than enough room for my family of four and we loved having access to a pool, not to mention access to probably the most beautiful beach I've ever been to.

The sand was so soft with absolutely no seaweed in sight. The water was insanely clear and the island views in the background were breathtaking. We went snorkeling right off the shore too and were able to see sea turtles. Actually, one sea turtle came right up to us while we were swimming by the shore. He just swam along the shore line and I was able to walk next to him. It was truly amazing.

Did I mention the sunsets?? I would one hundred percent recommend staying at this village resort if you're visiting Maui.

Views from the village :

Views from sunrise :

Photographer, Kevin Pereira, reached out and we decided to shoot at sunrise.

Lemme tell ya, it was well worth the 4am wake up call.

Views from the beach :


So clearly we didn't stay here, BUT the Marriott was a short walk from the Ekahi Village and an even shorter drive. They offered some fun food options so we definitely took advantage.

The tacos were good and the pineapple juice was even better.

Oh, and the views were STUNNING. One of my favorite dinners in Maui for sure.

[this image is from Marriott's website, but we sat at the table to the back left overlooking the pool and ocean right at sunset]

This is what Marriott's website says about the Whale's Tale and I think it pretty much sums it up, "located just steps from ocean’s edge, the charming beach bar offers cold pressed juices, local fruit smoothies and coffee drinks".

Say no more, you can bet I went here a time or two ; )

We took the cliff walk to get to this adorable juice stand and I wish everywhere I walked was that pretty. While at the Whale's Tale, it was awesome to look out and do a little sea turtle watching.


To check out another beach, we went to Big Beach real quick to look around. It's exactly like the name, big. The beach was much deeper than the beach at our resort which was neat to check out.


What was so nice about Maui Dive Shop, is that they offered tours for both Snorkelers and Scuba Divers. It was perfect because it allowed our entire family to be together but I could scuba dive while the rest of my family went snorkeling. I hadn't been back scuba diving since my Belize Study abroad last summer. It felt amazing to be under the water again.

I saw some giant, I mean giant, sea turtles under the water sleeping in tucked away caves. Plus, tons of eels ( which I love ). We were able to have two dives and it made for such a wonderful morning. The tour group even picked us up and dropped us back off at where we were staying.

I didn't take any photos, because it was one of those days that needed to be fully experienced instead of captured, ya know?


Right after landing in Maui we were starving, like insanely hangry. Somone told us about the group of food trucks across the street from the Costco. Luckily we decided to eat at Thai Mee Up because I had the best Pad Thai ever.

We made sure to stop again on our way to the airport before leaving. Just like the rest of the island, the food truck area had a bunch of chickens running around. You know how cats just roam around Indiana? That's how the chickens were in Hawaii HA.


That pretty much covers what we did around our hotel in Wailea.

Part II is coming soon to include more interesting things to do in Kihei, Lahaina, and Paia. Stay tuned : )


+ Read my guide to the Road to Hãna

xo Caitlin

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