Affordable & Totally Cute Swimwear

August 14, 2017

I ordered 3 new bikinis for my trip to Hawaii and I got them all for just over $30.


I feel like this deserves a PSA: Attention, three Bikinis for ONLY 30 bucks. No joke.


  Where has Zaful has been hiding from me all this time?? I mean, I wish I knew about this website so much sooner. They have cute and very trendy swimwear for crazy inexpensive. I'm not paying $80 for a swimsuit again... okay well maybe if I really love it but that's besides the point ; )


I really wanted to refresh my swimwear looks for Hawaii without spending a lot so I hit the jackpot when I found Zaful.


This online site sells just about everything from sportswear to clothes and accessories but since I've only tried their swimwear, I'm pretty pumped to try more stuff from their website.


The only downside to this company is that my products took a while to get here.


I ordered my bikinis on June 19th and they showed up 3 hours before I left for my trip on July 5th. Can you believe how lucky was that?! I was for sure thinking they weren't making it on the plane with me.


When I ordered, I made sure to only order swimwear they had in stock so it would be delivered before my trip and it still took about 2 weeks. BUT well worth the wait for the cost. Also, on one of my swimsuits, the straps were sewn a little crooked, but again... the suit cost $10 and the mistake was wasn't noticeable so buying the suit was still worth it.


The site's prices can vary, but most of their suits range from $10- $15. PLUS, they offer free shipping and 10%- 15% off discounts frequently.


If you have a beach trip coming up, I highly recommend Zaful's swimwear. For those of you that already knew about this website, I'm jealous. 


Check out my Zaful bikini looks:

 + Photography by Kevin Pereira

Shop my look: 



Scoop Bikini Set in Light Blue Similar Gold Pineapple Pendant ♡ Similar Gold Necklace Chain 

 Shop my look:


Front Tie Bikini Set in Yellow ♡ Mini Gold Shark Tooth Necklace ♡ Ray Ban Sunnies

Shop my look:

Pink & White Striped Bikini ♡ Gold Toggle Necklace ♡ Similar Blue Long Sleeve Button Up

Shop more of my favs from Zaful:


Color Block Cut Out One Piece ♡ Leaf Print Pink Scoop Bikini ♡ Spaghetti Strap Bikini Set ♡ Lace Up Bikini Set ♡ Braided Palm Bikini Set

 + Want more stuff from Hawaii? Check out my Guide to the Road to Hãna.



xo Caitlin








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