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A friend of mine recently asked me what I wished people knew about blogging.

It took me a minute. I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, but then it hit me. I wished people knew more about what goes on behind the scenes. Blogging is SO much more than they probably think.

From an outside perspective, blogging can look so natural, easy & effortless. I mean that's exactly what I thought just 6 months ago. I imagined how incredible it would be to be a blogger. Having a platform where you could discuss what you deemed important in the world of life and style. It wasn't until about 5 months ago when I was building my own website that I realized just how much self-discipline is required to be a blogger.

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Since launching my blog it's insane how many hours of work and thought have gone behind every single photo and blog post. To me, it's important to have quality images and provide interesting and useful content to my readers. It takes time to find a photographer OR effort convincing a family member ( haha ). It takes planning to figure out a good location to shoot. By good, I mean it needs to have proper lighting and also needs to have your desired back drop or the images just won't be aesthetically up to par.

It's takes energy spending hours brainstorming and executing blog content.

Followers don't see the 30 awkward photos taken before the perfect shot is captured or the writing and rewriting of blog post content until it's exactly as desired.

As a blogger, you are your own brand, boss, stylist and makeup artist. You are a writer, editor and web designer all in one. You are a photographer, photo editor and videographer - this one is for the future but a YouTube channel IS in the works... stay tuned ; )

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About a year ago, I started to discover bloggers that made me really think about what I want out of life and bloggers that allowed me to find new and incredible things when it came to style, beauty and health.

I've always been attracted to travel, fashion and beauty. I was constantly searching for ways to grow my style, wellness and beauty knowledge as well as my travel experience. It was this past winter break when I knew I needed a platform of my own. I decided that I wanted to inspire others the way other bloggers had inspired me.

With blogging, so much much more goes on behind the scenes than merely posting a pretty photo to Instagram. It takes effort, planning, and most importantly it takes passion. Passion for loving what you do and at the end of the day, that's what makes it all worth it.

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