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Meet Sophisticaition

A couple weekends back I had the opportunity to chat with Blogger, Caitlin Patton. She is a Purdue Alum and also the creator of the life + style blog called SophistiCAITion ( the name is so cute, right? ).

Not only did we get the chance to take some style pictures together and grab delicious shakes ( my guilty pleasure when I'm not drinking my go-to smoothie ), BUT I also had the chance to interview her. We talked about what inspired her blog and how it has impacted her life.

It's just an interview from one blogger named Cait to another.



What inspired Sophisticaition?

CP: I initially made an online portfolio for a PR class I was in at Purdue. The summer before my senior year (2015), I decided to take that static homepage site into a full on blog. I thought I would make the website and take cute pictures and that would be it (if you build it, they will come kinda deal) and boy was I wrong! I was posting random tidbits of my personal life through the first semester of my senior year. I then had a capstone PR class at Purdue that required us to post monthly on industry topics, which is what really made me get into the hang of writing blog copy and optimizing posts for SEO. From there, I knew I wanted to keep the momentum going, but had to find a passion of mine to fuel the blog and its growth. I did major brand planning and then relaunched Sophisticaition as a life + style blog in January 2016.


What strengths have helped you build your blog?

CP: I definitely think having a background in PR and branding has helped me. Everyone, regardless of having a blog or not, has an online brand. Your tweets, the links you share on Facebook, your Instagrams, and even your Spotify playlists say something about who you are and help people who don't know you personally piece together your identity. Being a blogger, I am different because I don't passively develop my online brand, I am actively doing so! Graphic design, photography and social media marketing skills have also been crucial, especially because I am fresh out of college and ballin' on a budget so I save money by doing everything myself. On a deeper level, I think self love has been the most important thing for me throughout it all. Making a blog is a gut wrenching process since you're putting yourself out there for people to judge and ridicule, especially when you share bits and pieces of your personal life that are normally reserved for close friends. You have to have thick skin and know that the criticisms will just motivate you to keep doing your thing and working toward your goals.


How do you create balance between blogging and working a full-time job?

CP: It definitely takes planning! I always try to have a new post up every Monday and Wednesday, so I use my weekends and free weeknights to write, write, write. Social media planning software is also a life saver! And there is always a lunch break once a week that I devote to doing miscellaneous blog stuff. Real life is lots of prioritizing, so I have to make sure I allot the time my blog needs before I make plans.


How has your life changed since creating your blog?

CP: Dramatically. In good times, it's a fun creative outlet where I get to express myself. In bad times, it is a source of joy and love from my followers that I honestly didn't know you could feel from strangers! I have never felt more confident in who I am than I do now. Like I said before, it is really hard to put your whole self out there, but once you do it, it's amazing how the insecurities you used to hyper focus on fade away. I used to care so much about what others thought and keeping everyone else happy but now, I do what makes me happy and I have learned that that is enough. I also have been able to use my blog on my resume and in networking settings to get my foot in the door with big corporations (probably the reason why I have my current job) and the professional growth has been tremendous. Who would have thought I'd be on a first name basis with fashion magazine editors, PR pros and brand managers?!


Lastly, share a few of your favorite fashion and beauty trends at the moment:

CP: Pink is and always will be my favorite color, so I am loving blush for the winter into spring transition. Velvet, suede and other fun textures are definitely pouring into my closet as well. Beauty wise, I am such a fan of the foundation + eyebrow + subtle lip look for everyday wear popularized by Glossier. It's such a more authentic feel!


If you want to see more of Caitlin, you can follow her journey on Instagram and to read more about our looks, check it out on Sophisticaition.


xo Caitlin

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