Exploring London

Many people have asked me what it was like to live abroad for two months.

What did I do? Most memorable moments? Important places to go?

I wanted to highlight a few of the important things I did in/around London. Some of the things I would recommend to do when traveling there.

Big Ben

This was the first thing I did after arriving. I still remember hoping off the tour bus and snapping a photo of this iconic landmark. Also, the area around Ben is beautiful. You can see bridges, River Thames, double decker buses and of course red phone booths.

Kensington Gardens

They were simple and stunning. I explored the gardens after taking a tour of the Kensington Palace.

Oh and while I was in the gardens I had to go ahead and feed the squirrel of course. He loved almonds : )

Borough Market

Best place for food that I've ever been. There's endless amounts of cheese, breads, desserts, burgers, smoothies, I mean you name it and this place probably has it. Did I mention cheese?

The Tower Bridge

It's like a princess tower turned into a bridge.

Elk Bar

Trust me when I say I took advantage of Tuesdays at the Elk Bar. The taco and marg special never let me down. It is a MUST. Best tacos ever.


I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw someone post a photo next to a giant hand, so naturally I to find out where they were and see it myself. I couldn't pass up the photo op but the area definitely didn't disappoint either.

Southbank was awesome. I walked along the River Thames, which made for amazing views of Big Ben and the London Eye. I took some photos, bought a mystery book that takes place in Ireland at the book market, watched street performers and soaked up the atmosphere.

Piccadilly Circus

One of my favorite spots. There are many underground tube stations in the square where people leave and arrive, appearing and disappearing underground.

The bright lights from the digital screen light up the area. It was always full of people either enjoy the day on the steps on the fountain or hustling to their next location. Either way, Piccadilly never failed to give you plenty to do and see.

p.s. the donuts from the cute little shop on the corner were heavenly.

Meridian Line

I took the tube to Greenwich just to stand on a line, but it's pretty cool to say you were at zero degrees.

Camden Pub Crawl

Everyone was signing up so I thought, why not?

It included entry to all pubs for the night and went SO many places! It was as if I was experiencing 7 nights in one. Coolest thing.

Sushi Samba

I had to make a reservation because they get booked weeks in advance but the experience is well worth it.

The food was incredible, the overall atmosphere and decor was impeccable, and to top it off, there was an outdoor heated rooftop with a million dollar view.

Brighton Brighton Brighton

I can't say it enough. There's something special about taking a train outside of the city to Brighton Beach on a beautiful day.

The town was beyond cute, then the beach and pier were SO inviting. I think I rode just about every ride the pier had to offer which led to laughing an obnoxious amount.

Then ended the day hanging out on a beach made of all stones (so cool, right?), soaking up the sun and enjoying the best strawberry Nutella Crêpe ever.

This is a day I will forever remember.


This is a longer trip out of the city. It's nothing crazy special but it's cool looking.


Stonehenge and Bath are kind of a package deal for most tourist companies. It was beautiful old architecture.

Last but not least, HARRY POTTER WORLD

It was life changing, I'm not kidding.

I walked the real Great Hall, explored Diagon Alley, went on the Hogwarts' Express, sat in the flying car, saw the sorcerers stone, knocked on the Dursley's door, saw Hagrid's house, went on the night bus, and got to see almost all of the real props used to film the movies.

Obsessed. 10/10 would recommend.

London is pretty incredible with loads to do. These were some of my most memorable experiences I would recommend. Oh, and I can't forget about High Tea : )

xo Caitlin

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